Board of Directors

Board President- Bob Yoak

Vice President- Bobby Bond

Board Secretary- Melodie Carter

Treasurer- Steven Keyes

Board Members

Bob Yoak, Bobby Bond, Melodie Carter, Steven Keyes,

Denver Prater, Terry Sexton, Mike Williams, Mike Hay, Tony Sparks 


Faculty & Staff

Administrator- Lynn Williams 

Administrative Assistant: Paige Keyes

Finance Director: Tracy Williams

Preschool Director: Becky Yates

Preschool Educator 2 year olds: Julie Porter and Brianna Jarrell

Preschool Educator 3 year olds: Jess Fox 

Preschool Educator 4 years olds: Elizabeth Johnson and Morgan Martin 

Early Educational Specialists: Jeanne Greenhill

Elementary Educators: Cheryl Wilson, Debbie Keyes, Nikea McDavid,

Dakota Alexander and Nancy Hartsell

Middle/High School Educators: , Missy Sparks, Francis Nash

Debbie Keyes and Amelia Adkins  

Librarian: Jeanne Greenhill

Counselor: Donna Kouns   

Music and Keyboarding Teacher: Andrea Mayo

Basketball Coaches: Tony Sparks, Charlie Mayo, Terry Sexton, Missy Sparks, Hallie Sparks, Hannah Sparks and Jozi Greenhill

Volleyball Coach: Missie Lowe

Custodians: Charles Williams, Geraldine Williams

Investing in Future Generations     Joshua 22:24

Dan Egeler- ACSI President

3547 Hwy. 773, Hitchins, KY 41146

PO Box 490, Grayson, KY 41143

Phone- (606) 475-1919

Fax- (606) 475-0551

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