Lunch Menu

Hot Dog and French Fries


Hot Dog and Chips


Corn Dog and French Fries


Corn Dog and Chips


Slice of Pizza and Chips


Sandwich and Chips (Bologna, Ham, Turkey)


Chicken Nuggets and French Fries


Grilled Cheese and Chips


Pizza Roll and Chips


Pizza Roll


2 Slices of Pizza and Chips


Sm. Chef Salad


Sm. Garden Salad


Chicken Nuggets and Chips




Hamburger and Fries


Cheese Burger


Cheese Burger and Fries


Big Hitch Burger


Big Hitch Burger and Fries


Subs (Ham & Cheese, Turkey, & Swiss, & Pizza)


1/2 Pints of Milk (Chocolate and White 2%)


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Plain, BBQ, Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, or Cheetos


Hot Dog $1.75

Corn Dog $1.19

Slice of Pizza $1.30 

Fries $1.69

Chicken Nuggets $2.29

*taxes are included in price

*if restaurant is out of your child's chips we will alternate with what is available

*hamburger options plain or cheese only no condiments 

*hot dog options with or without sauce

*pizza & pizza sub option cheese or pepperoni

*sandwich, sub, & burgers option with or without cheese

*CCA does provide ketchup and mustard 

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